Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcome their second child

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confirmed the arrival of their second child, a daughter, who was born on Friday. Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor weighed 7lb 11oz, and was born in California, where the couple have been living since March last year. The name Lilibet is a family nickname for the Queen, the baby’s great-grandmother, while her middle name Diana was chosen to honour her grandmother, the late Princess of Wales, the couple said. Her Majesty’s 11th great-grandchild was bo

Boris Johnson urges G7 leaders to do more to vaccinate the world

The Prime Minister will call on G7 leaders to “rise to the greatest challenge of the post-war era” and pledge to vaccinate the world within the next 18 months. Boris Johnson says that next week’s summit is a chance to “defeat Covid and lead a global recovery.” He is set to make the case for stepping up the manufacture of vaccines, lowering barriers to the international distribution of those vaccines and sharing surplus doses with developing countries bilaterally and through Covax. “Next week

Budget 2021: Chancellor has just 'postponed the pain' for poorest with benefits extension

Charities have accused the Chancellor of planning to 'snatch' back £20 a week in six months time with the Budget Universal Credit extension The Chancellor’s decision to keep the £20-a-week uplift to Universal Credit until the autumn has been criticised by anti-poverty charities, who say it leaves the poorest families facing months of uncertainty. The £20 benefit raise was introduced as a temporary emergency measure at the start of the pandemic to help struggling families, and was due to end in

Put free school breakfasts in the Budget, urges charity

Magic Breakfast, which helps more than 170,000 children across the country with free school breakfasts, is calling on the Government to keep funding the programme Children’s food charity Magic Breakfast, which feeds 170,000 pupils who would otherwise turn up to school hungry, has seen a 35 per cent increase in demand for their services in the past year. With plans for schools to reopen on March 8, it is urging the Chancellor to include free morning meals in the Spring Budget. The Government-f

What’s the cost of the UK variant of covid-19 to tourism?

WHEN UK scientists announced a new covid-19 strain that was up to 70% more contagious had been found in Kent in south-east England, it spread fear around the world. With the country already having one of the highest per capita covid-19 death rates in Europe, from the outside it was starting to look like “plague island”, the New York Times suggested.​ ​ Not surprisingly Britain’s reputation as a travel destination plummeted. Despite a national lockdown, the strain – now dubbed the UK variant – h

Going wild in South Africa

It may not sound as if we’re heading out on a wild South African adventure but this is how our safari begins. We’re wrapped up all warm and cosy in a Land Cruiser while our guide, wearing nothing more than shorts and a T-shirt, turns and asks what we want to see. Lets go find some cats, we say. As the sun rises we bound off into Kruger National Park on a jeep convoy. Thousands of animals roam this vast space, an area roughly the size of Scotland. While the park is home to 147 species, the main

Parents spend £1.7 BILLION a year on home tutors

Parents are spending an extraordinary £1.7 billion a year on home tutors for their children. A quarter of pupils are said to have extra lessons out of school, at an average cost of £34.22 an hour. But some so-called ‘super-tutors’ are able to command far higher fees of up to £200 an hour. Mandarin is the most expensive subject, with tutors costing an average of £53 a hour, followed by physics (£47.50) and chemistry (£45.80). The cheapest is history, at £32. The figures come as campaigners ca

Students are racking up six-figure debts after taking out huge loans to pay for higher education, official figures show

Scores of students have racked up six-figure debts after taking out huge loans to pay for higher education, official figures show. The Student Loans Company has revealed that 69 students have graduated with debts of more than £100,000 – double the £50,000 that the average graduate owes. In the past few weeks, senior Labour figures such as Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have signalled their desire to write off the £120 billion owed by graduates.

Cremant, a fizz from France, is about to burst the prosecco bubble

It’s the fabulous festive fizz from France that’s about to burst the prosecco bubble. Cremant, a French sparkling wine made the same way as champagne but selling at half the price, is being described by industry experts as ‘one of the best-kept secrets in wine’. But with word now getting out, sales are rising. Total exports of cremant to Britain have almost doubled in a year, making it an increasingly popular alternative to champagne and other sparkling wines for bubbly-loving Britons. In fac

Living in Lima

On my first day in Lima, I woke to the sound of beeping horns, droning engines and men shouting in the street below. From my window I could see swirls of thick black smog pumping out from the colourful old combis - mini-buses that were lining up to collect passengers. It was rush hour and there were dozens of these combis jamming the avenue, the drivers shouting over each other, encouraging passengers to get on their buses. I went to Lima a year ago to teach English in a British language instit